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For any soloist or duet, an accompanying piano is essential to support the musician as they play the melody line. At Suzuki Music Studio, our professional piano instructors not only teach our students the basics of musical pitch, sight reading, and timing but also play piano accompaniment with them at their concerts.

Our piano lessons in Reston, VA were in high-demand after many of our students recognized the beauty and power of the piano. After working with Dr. Suzuki’s method for teaching various stringed instruments, we adopted a secondary principle for piano instruction. This approach was developed by Dr. Suzuki’s own accompanist, Dr. Haruko Katroka.

At Suzuki Music Studio, we utilize the power of group lessons. When you or your children join a piano class at our facilities, you will learn alongside a group of your own peers. Group lessons are vital for any student’s development because students can enjoy the socialization of playing and learning from each other. This experience is rich with learning opportunities as students can provide piano teaching to each other and share alternative ways of understanding music.

All students learn at different paces. Larger group classes are good for students that can all learn at a similar pace. However, if a child learns faster or slower than their peers it can result in a poor learning experience that can make learning an instrument less enjoyable. In our private lessons, your child will have access to the complete and undivided attention of a piano instructor.

If you are looking for a supportive and experienced piano teacher who has learned the art of piano instruction from a master musician, sign up for our classes today!

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