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The violin is the most popular and well-known bowed string instrument of the symphony. It is the smallest of the violin family and is also known for its ability to reach high notes. The size, weight, and musical range of a violin make it the perfect starting instrument for a beginning musician.

At Suzuki Music Studio, we host violin classes that teach children the important skills they need to become talented musicians. Our violin teaching methods are derived from the Suzuki approach. Developed by the musician Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, this scholarly technique utilizes group lessons to help students inspire and learn from each other.

In our weekly small group or private violin sessions each month, your child will begin learning pitch training so that they can develop an ear for identifying notes and chords. After learning pitch, students will spend time learning repertoire recognition where students will learn to be able to name tunes or songs played by their violin teacher.

A musician’s ability to recognize pitch and tones are both very important techniques to have when learning the violin. Since the violin has no visible frets or holes to memorize from a finger chart, a class must have violin instruction that can teach any young violinist how to identify the notes they are playing by sound.

Other studios that provide violin and viola lessons in Reston, VA may not have proven techniques that can be used to train their student’s ears to hear specific notes and pitches. Instead of teaching this important skill, these teachers may only teach their students where their fingers should go and rely on the students to remember the notes this way.

This method does not create a solid foundation for playing music. At Suzuki Music Studio, we take pride in teaching our students important musical skills that will give them the ability to learn the violin and any other instrument available. Develop your musical proficiency in our studio classes today!

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